Vt10 Plate of Plate Heat Exchanger for Beerwort Cooling

Vt10 Plate of Plate Heat Exchanger for Beerwort Cooling
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We will continue to deepen cooperation, innovate and develop more high-quality Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance, Tranter Heat Exchanger Parts, Thermowave PHE Plates. We are based on the core concept of technical specialization, diversified services, and fine integration of production and sales to meet customer needs. Our company has high-tech quality inspection equipment and professional product inspection and quality control team, and constantly improve the quality management system of products. In order to serve customers more efficiently, we have set up several offices in different places to better manage our foreign trade issue.

   The frame and plate heat exchanger is a kind of plate exchanger made by pressing a thin metal plate into  a certain ripple shape of the phe plate, paste on a sealing gasket,then stacking and fastening it with a clamping plate and bolts.The working medium flows through the narrow and tortuous channels formed between the two plates. The hot and cold fluid passes through the flow channels in turn, separating the media by sealing gaskets and spacer plates,and carry on heat exchange through the plates.

   We offer a wide rang of standard and special materials for our PHE Plates such as AISI316 ,SMO254 and Titanium with 0.5mm and 0.6mm thickness. Heat Exchanger plate design are made with two different pressing patterns-one is characterized by an obtuse angle giving a high theta plate, the other with an acute angle giving a low theta plate.

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We have a high quality automated production line that can develop and produce exquisite Vt10 Plate of Plate Heat Exchanger for Beerwort Cooling for promoting the common development of domestic and foreign industries. As solidifying the existing development, we are striving to developing ourselves continuously advancing towards a high-class enterprise with a top-notch brand. We also provide item sourcing and flight consolidation solutions.
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