Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Condensers Price

Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Condensers Price
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Our availability to our customers' needs and precise after-sales service have made our GEA PHE, Hisaka Heat Exchangers, Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger a worldwide reputation. We pay attention to the quality and details and every process is step by step and adhere to the quality to shape our brand. We hope to enhance the value of products and services with excellent quality and efficient speed, so as to achieve employee value, corporate value, and social value. Over the past few years, we have been aggressive and innovating. With our good corporate reputation, unique management style and strong market development capabilities, we have achieved remarkable results one after another.

Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

   Shell and tube heat exchangers are used in many comfort and industry applications for heating and cooling fluids. They consist of a shell with traditional plain tubes or enhanced surface tubes for high thermal performance. The fluids can be liquids or gases, one of which flows inside the tubes while the other flows outside the tubes within the shell. There are single-phase or two-phase heat exchangers, and the latter is used to either boil or condense fluids. 

   TEMA Designations for Shell &Tube Heat Exchanger

The Type Of Tubular Heat Exchanger

Designation For Shell Ant Tube Heat Exchanger2.jpg

Fixed-Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger

Fixed-Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger2.jpg

U-tube Heat Exchanger

U-tube Heat Exchanger2.jpg

Pull-Through Floating -Heat Exchanger

Pull-Through Floating Heat Exchanger2.jpg

Pull-Through Floating -Heat Exchanger

Pull-Through Floating Heat Exchanger-2.jpg

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