Air Cooled Aluminum Radiator for Agricultural Machine

Air Cooled Aluminum Radiator for Agricultural Machine
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We have achieved rapid development in recent years, established a scientific and technological service team full of innovation ability to continuously promote the upgrading of Sondex Heat Exchanger, Tranter Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers, Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Price List and application technologies. Your demand is also our demand, your satisfaction is our service standard, we will never live up to our customers' trust. We put more emphasizes on the buildup of culture of our company to improve our strength and capability.

    We supply several types of air-cooled heat exchangers to meet your needs

     Air cooled heat exchangers are commonly used in industrial applications where a reliable source of water is not available as a cooling medium. Even if water is available, in some cases, air cooled exchangers are favored for economic or operational reasons.

     Air cooled heat exchangers are used throughout the entire oil and gas industry from upstream production to refineries and petrochemical plants, under conditions including high pressure and temperature, as well as corrosive fluids and environments. Common applications include gas re-injection, gas lift and pipeline applications, cooling and condensing of hydrocarbon gases, and cooling of machinery oil and heavy hydrocarbons.

    The hot process fluid to be cooled flows through a tube while the cooling air flows across the outer surface to remove heat. The cooling air is propelled by fans in either a forced draft or induced draft configuration. Specially designed fins are attached to the outer surface of the tube to create a large surface area for more effective cooling. The heat transfer rate is a function of the fins’ surface area and the velocity of the air flow.

    The mechanical design of the exchanger must accommodate the process conditions including pressure and temperature and, possibly, corrosivity, fouling and condensation

    The key to quality and long service life is the proper selection of materials and fabrication technology, not the least of which is advanced welding capabilities.

Our advanced equipment, excellent management, and spirit of continuous innovation have kept the quality of our Air Cooled Aluminum Radiator for Agricultural Machine at the leading level in the industry. We target to be your loyal supplier and long-term cooperator in China. We're confident that we are going to possess a vibrant prospect and to be distributed all over the world within the years to come.
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