Working Principle Of Efficient Intelligent Plate Heat Exchanger Unit

  The heat exchange unit is composed of a plate heat exchanger, an intelligent temperature control device, an intelligent electrical control device, a Working principle of efficient intelligent plate heat exchanger unitcirculation pump, a make-up pump, a stabilized expansion water tank, a make-up (condensation) water tank, a filter, a valve, an instrument, a sensor, and a piping base. What is the working principle of the efficient intelligent plate heat exchanger unit?

(1) Unit working process (heating system)

The plate heat exchanger unit includes three parts: the primary side, the secondary side and the make-up system. The primary side is a heat source, and the secondary side is for heat. The primary side heat source transmits heat to the secondary side through a plate heat exchanger. The secondary side is provided with a circulating water pump, which can continuously transmit the heat source to the user. The make-up water system is connected with the secondary water used by the secondary side to replenish the water lost in the secondary side circulation and maintain the stability of the system pressure.

(2) Principle of water temperature control

The plate heat exchanger unit is equipped with an independent control system. According to the different requirements of the user, it can complete the functions from flow adjustment to data collection and analysis, so as to adjust the user's water supply temperature and meet the requirements of heating and comfort during the trial.