Working Principle And Type Of Coolers

  The cooler is a kind of heat exchange equipment, which mainly removes heat by using water or air as a coolant. It is mainly used in metallurgy, Working principle and type of coolerschemical, energy, transportation, light industry and food industries.The cooler is mainly a kind of cooler formed by stacking corrugated heat exchange plates, and clamping plates and bolts. The heat exchange fluid flows through the pipe, and a layer of interlayer plates separates the heat exchange fluid, and then the fluid flows between the plates to achieve the purpose of heat exchange. Because the material of the cooler and the heat exchange fluid are different, the cooler will form a sealed system, and the cooling medium will continue to circulate in the system to exchange heat. What are the main types of coolers?

(1) Tubular cooler

The tube-type cooler mainly has double tube type, vertical type and horizontal type. It mainly uses water to flow through the inside of the water pipe, and oil is placed in the interval between the pipes. In the double-pipe flow using water as the cooling medium, the waste heat absorbed by the heat medium is discharged through the water outlet, so that the working medium maintains the rated working temperature.

(2) plate cooler

The plate cooler uses the contact points arranged in a corrugated structure to make the fluid form a turbulent flow when the flow rate is not high. It can form the effect of heat dissipation. This new type of cooler has high heat transfer efficiency and compact structure. easy installation.

(3) Air-cooled cooler

Air-cooled coolers are generally divided into indirect, fixed and suspended. It has simple structure, small volume and convenient structure. It mainly uses a heat exchanger with air as a cooler. This is an exchanger that does not require the use of water, and is an environmentally friendly product that has gradually become hot in the market.