Winter Heating Plate Heat Exchangers

  It is autumn, and it is not far from the heating season. Many heat exchange stations are overhauling equipment to prepare for the upcoming heating Winter heating plate heat exchangersseason. Heating cannot be separated from the heat exchange station, and the heat exchange station cannot be separated from the plate heat exchanger. Most of the heating used by residents comes from heat exchange stations. The heat of the heat exchange station comes from the primary heat network, and then the heat is converted. The advantages of the plate heat exchanger determine that it will be the main choice for heating for a long time.

  The heating plate heat exchanger has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible installation, convenient maintenance and cleaning.At present, heat exchangers that can be calculated by area are becoming more and more expensive, everyone is considering costs, space is getting smaller and smaller, and the cost of using a traditional heat exchanger with a large floor area will increase a lot. The heating plate heat exchanger is characterized by high heat exchange efficiency and low heat loss. The plates with various patterns of corrugations are stacked together to form a medium flow channel, and the medium flows in adjacent channels to form turbulence, which improves the heat exchange efficiency.Another feature of the heating plate heat exchanger is that it is easy to change the flow or heat exchange area by increasing or decreasing the plate. This is something that traditional heat exchangers cannot do, which makes flexible use possible. The original intention of choosing a heating plate heat exchanger for a heat exchange station is nothing more than good quality, high heat exchange efficiency and low price.