The Wide Flow Channel Plate Heat Exchangers

  The wide flow channel plate heat exchanger plate adopts a unique rough corrugated structure design. The outer contour of the plate is basically The wide flow channel plate heat exchangerscomposed of horizontal corrugations. The medium can flow through the heat exchange surface of the plate without blockage. Characteristics of wide flow channel plate heat exchanger.(1) According to the characteristics of the fluid and the requirements of different process conditions, a wide-narrow flow channel or a wide-wide flow channel can be selected; (2) the flow channel with a wide gap cross section from 5mm to 12mm has no obstacles, which can effectively prevent (3) You can choose different plates and gasket materials according to different corrosive media working conditions; (4) The plates can be disassembled and cleaned, which is suitable for food and beverage and sewage treatment industries that need to be clean and hygienic.

  Wide flow channel plate heat exchanger is suitable for special media conditions where herringbone corrugation cannot be applied. The medium contains particles, solids, crystals, fibers, and pulpy materials. It is also suitable for high viscosity media Such as media containing solids or crystals; media containing fibers or syrup; high viscosity media. It can be widely used in industrial fields such as waste water waste heat recovery, sugar making, paper making, textile, and food and fruit juice.Compared with the groundwater used by the ground temperature water source heat pump system, the heat pump of the city's native sewage and industrial wastewater is a heat source. The quality of the city sewage is worse. Take corresponding technical measures, otherwise it will not work properly.