The Welding Technology Of Plate Heat Exchanger

  The plate heat exchanger is assembled by a group of herringbone corrugated metal plates with four corner holes for two heat transfer liquids to pass through. They are closely arranged, pressure loss and volume are small, and the heat transfer coefficient is high, saving space. Plate heat exchangers The welding technology of plate heat exchangerare excellent equipment for heating, cooling, heat recovery, and rapid sterilization. What are the welding techniques for plate heat exchangers?

(1) The continuous welding time of the heat exchanger should not be too long to reduce the effect of overheating.

(2) It should Clean the plate heat exchanger before welding, and the welding surface can be brush welded with chlorate brazing flux.

(3) The silver content of the silver-based electrode used for welding should not be less than 45%. The welding temperature should not exceed 650°C so as not to affect the welding strength.

(4) Please lay the plate heat exchanger flat before welding, fill the heat exchanger with water, and wrap the welding area with a damp cloth to avoid high temperature during the welding conduction process and melt other places or affect the welding strength.