The Ways To Clean Heat Exchanger Plates

  The plate heat exchanger is a kind of high-efficiency heat exchanger made of a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape. The plates of The ways to clean heat exchanger platesthe heat exchanger need to be cleaned at regular intervals, otherwise the accumulated dirt inside will be more and more, which will affect the heat exchange efficiency of the plates. So what are the ways to clean the heat exchanger plate? At present, there are three ways to clean the plates: chemical cleaning method, mechanical cleaning method and comprehensive cleaning method. The operations of these three cleaning methods are different, and the effects they bring are also different.

(1) Chemical cleaning method. This method circulates a chemical solution through a heat exchanger to dissolve and discharge dirt on the surface of the plate. This method does not require disassembling the heat exchanger, which simplifies the cleaning process and reduces the labor of cleaning. Because the plate ripple can turbulent cleaning liquid, it is beneficial to dissolve the scale layer. Therefore, chemical cleaning is an ideal method.

(2) The mechanical (physical) cleaning method is to manually clean the heat exchanger plate with a brush to achieve the purpose of dirt on the surface of the plate. Although this method is relatively straightforward, it is difficult to clean the hard and thick scale layer.

(3) Comprehensive cleaning method. In the case where the dirt layer is relatively hard and thick, it is difficult to clean it with only one method. The comprehensive method is to soften the scale layer by chemical cleaning method, and then remove the scale layer by mechanical (physical) cleaning method to keep the plate clean.

Before cleaning the heat exchanger plates, you must understand the methods of these three cleaning methods and the effects brought by cleaning, and then choose an appropriate cleaning method based on the actual needs of the plates. The cleaning effect will be better and more effective.