The Significance Of Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning

  Plate heat exchangers require regular maintenance in addition to maintenance under special conditions.Since the plate heat exchanger is easy to The significance of plate heat exchanger cleaningassemble and disassemble, the maintenance is simple, and no special tools and equipment are needed. If there is no leakage in the equipment, but the heat transfer system K has decreased, the heat exchanger may not be disassembled, and the descaling liquid may be driven into the equipment for several hours by a closed circuit system.If you disassemble the equipment or find that the scale is not too serious, you can rinse off the water without removing the plate and brush it with a soft brush. The significance of plate heat exchanger cleaning:

 (1) Improve the appearance of equipment, purify and beautify the environment

(2) Maintain normal production and extend equipment life.Regular or irregular cleaning of the dirt of the production equipment can achieve the purpose of maintaining normal operation of the equipment, controlling corrosion of the equipment, and prolonging the service life and operating cycle.

(3) Reduce energy consumption and reduce production costs. Industrial cleaning can reduce costs, reduce raw material and energy consumption, and increase production efficiency to reduce production costs.

(4) Reduce production accidents and benefit human health. Cleaning dirt can reduce various accidents caused by production processes and equipment, as well as environmental and personal injuries.

(5) Improve production capacity and improve product quality. The removal of contaminants on the surface of raw materials can achieve good post-processing performance and improve product quality. Regular cleaning of the equipment can maintain its proper production capacity and reduce the impact of dirt on product performance.