The Process Maintenance Of Plate Type Heat Exchange Cooler

The plate heat exchanger is a kind of equipment which is formed by pressing a thin metal plate into a heat exchange plate with a certain corrugated shape, which is then stacked and fastened with plywood and bolts. Thin rectangular channels are formed between various plates, and heat exchange is performed through the heat exchange plates. So what is the process The process maintenance of plate type heat exchange coolermaintenance of the plate cooler?

(1) The adjustment of heat exchange equipment requires professional personnel to be responsible for it, and it operates strictly in accordance with the steps of the manual.

(2) The upper and lower guide rods and bolts of the plate cooler should be lubricated as much as possible.

(3) When cleaning the plate cooler, please let a special person check the other parts to confirm whether the heat transfer sheet and the rubber gasket are adhered, and whether the gasket is intact.

(4) Please pay attention to the condition of the gasket at all times. If there is any degumming, the gasket should be replaced immediately to avoid accidents.

(5) When the heat exchanger is assembled in the compression plate, the scale position of the compression should be recorded to avoid shortening the life due to excessive compression.

(6) After the plate heat exchanger is operated, it should be placed for a period of time, and the water in the cooler should be cleaned up.