The Problem Of Gasket Seal Failure Of Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchangers are widely used in petrochemicals, mechanical metallurgy, marine ships, biopharmaceuticals and other fields. With its very high heat transfer efficiency, it has become favored by more and more design institutes and project firms. However, product problems often occur during use, and the sealing failure of the plate heat exchanger gasket The problem of gasket seal failure of plate heat exchangeris a difficult one to solve.

(1) Heat exchanger gasket failure caused by fouling of heat exchanger equipment. Although clogging and fouling have different causes, they have the same effect on plate heat exchangers. When the performance of the heat exchanger equipment is significantly reduced, the cleaning should be carried out in time.

(2) When operating the heat exchanger device, the pressure and temperature rise should be kept as stable as possible. A pre-tightening spring can be added to the clamping stud to well compensate the change in the pre-tightening force of the plate heat exchanger gasket, so that the operation can avoid the temperature influence causing the heat exchanger gasket seal to fail and cause leakage

(3) The most straightforward method for the failure of the heat exchanger gasket caused by the blockage of the plate heat exchanger is to repair and clean the equipment.

(4) For plate heat exchanger gasket failure caused by pressure, the design pressure should be increased by 1.5-2 times when the device is selected. It is best to prevent the impact of the system when using it.

(5) The plate heat exchanger gasket fails due to the use time or the parking time is too long, and the self-aging of the gasket material will affect the reliability of the seal. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of the maintenance opportunity to quickly replace the new gasket.