The Other Functions Of The Plate Heat Exchanger Unit

  The heat exchange unit has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, intelligence and automation. It can be widely used in factories, The other functions of the plate heat exchanger unitinstitutions, schools, residential quarters, villas, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, resorts and other commercial buildings for heating, air conditioning, bath water, domestic water, swimming pool water in winter, for industrial production processes. What are the other functions of the plate heat exchanger unit?

(1) Fully automatic operation

The plate heat exchanger unit adopts a one-button start automatic operation scheme, which largely avoids the losses caused by misoperation. After power is supplied, the controller working unit starts in sequence after self-test.

(2) Remote monitoring

The controller of the plate heat exchanger unit reserves the passive dry node communication interface. It can collect and check the water temperature and pressure of the unit, the opening degree of the electric regulating valve, the running status and frequency of the pump, and the fault alarm. It can provide RS485 interface and open communication protocol.

(3) Protection function

● Over-temperature protection. When the temperature of the secondary water supply exceeds the set temperature, the electric regulating valve will automatically close to avoid losing control.

● Power failure protection. After the power failure, various setting parameters and running status parameters remain set before power failure.

● Automatic pressure relief function. When the secondary water return pressure exceeds the standard, the safety valve will automatically open to release the pressure.

● Timing switching function. The heat exchange unit starts different pumps each time to ensure that the running time of each pump is about the same.

● Automatic alarm. Once the unit detects a fault, it will automatically issue an audible and visual alarm signal.