The Ordering Instructions For Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchangers

  The plate heat exchanger is a detachable heat exchange device composed of many herringbone corrugated heat transfer plates arranged at certain The ordering instructions for stainless steel plate heat exchangersintervals and compressed by rubber gaskets. The four corner holes on the plate form a fluid distribution tube and a drain header. The two heat exchange media flow into their respective flow channels to form countercurrent or cocurrent flow through each plate for heat exchange. The ordering instructions for stainless steel plate heat exchangers are as follows.

(1) According to the different conditions of the user, our products have carbon steel and stainless steel pipe and pipe flanges. When ordering, the specifications of the heat exchanger, the pipe and flange materials should be written clearly.

(2) Seal gaskets are generally supplied as oil-resistant rubber gaskets, and special material gaskets are available for special requirements. The rubber gaskets in our factory mainly include nitrile rubber gaskets, EPDM rubber gaskets, sanitary rubber gaskets, with black and white colors.

(3) The equipment flow combination can be arranged according to the user's requirements. When the user cannot select the type and calculate, he can entrust our factory to calculate and arrange the flow and heat exchange area.