The Necessity Of Replacing All Gaskets Of Plate Heat Exchanger

The important role of the plate heat exchanger gasket in the operation of the equipment is recognized by everyone. Without the plate heat exchanger gasket, the equipment will not work. Heat exchanger rubber strips are divided into various The necessity of replacing all gaskets of plate heat exchangermaterials according to different liquid media, the most commonly used are EPDM and nitrile rubber pads. The gasket of the plate heat exchanger is the only part of the sealing medium, and the diversion of the medium is realized through the corresponding sealing groove. Our choice of gasket material suitable for the medium is the primary factor in extending the life of the board. So what is the necessity of replacing all gaskets of plate heat exchangers?

(1) The leakage of the heat exchanger should consider whether the gasket is damaged or deformed. Some users have never maintained and repaired since the installation of the factory, and when there is a leak, they mistakenly believe that only those pieces are damaged. Due to the long life, when the whole machine is disassembled, it is basically all damaged. If the stock of rubber strips is insufficient, the heat exchanger cannot be installed and cannot be produced.

(2) If the form of the rubber pad is glued, the gasket will stretch after disassembly. Even if glue is applied, the plate heat exchanger gasket cannot enter the gasket groove. When the installation is suppressed, external leakage and internal leakage will basically occur. The only solution is to replace all gaskets of the whole machine if the budget is sufficient. In the case of a tight budget, check one by one, and all stretches must be replaced.