The Livelihood Of The Application Of Plate Heat Exchanger

  As an ideal device for liquid-liquid and liquid-gas heat exchange, plate heat exchangers are not only widely used in paper, textile, steel and other The livelihood of the application of plate heat exchangerindustrial fields, but also play a role that cannot be ignored in people's livelihood. The applications of plate heat exchangers in people's livelihood are air conditioning systems, central heating and pressure blockers in high-rise buildings.

(1) Air conditioning system

 Plate heat exchangers are widely used for heat exchange of chilled water in air conditioning systems. Installing a plate heat exchanger between the cooling tower and the condenser near the condenser can act as a condenser to prevent equipment corrosion or blockage. The running time of the chiller is saved during the transition season.

(2) Pressure blocker for high-rise buildings

In high-rise buildings, HVAC systems that use water and glycol as heat exchange media often have extremely high static pressures. A plate heat exchanger is used as a pressure blocker, which can decompose a higher static pressure into several smaller pressures, thereby reducing the pressure requirements of the system on equipment such as pumps, valves, hot and cold water units, and saving equipment investment costs And operating costs.

(3) Central heating

Because of its compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, and high heat transfer efficiency, plate heat exchangers have become the first choice of heat exchange products in heat exchange stations in urban central heating projects. It is suitable for water-water heat exchange system, steam-water heat exchange system and domestic hot water supply system, and plays an important role in rationally distributing heat energy and improving heat management level.