The Internal Leakage Of The Plate Heat Exchanger In Use

The main role of the plate heat exchanger is the frame and the plate. The working principle of the plate heat exchanger is The internal leakage of the plate heat exchanger in usecarried out through the heat transfer mechanism. According to the law of thermodynamics, heat is always spontaneously transferred from high-temperature objects to low-temperature objects. Two fluids with different temperatures flow in the space separated by the wall, through the wall heat conduction and the fluid forms convection on the wall surface, which promotes heat exchange between the two fluids. When the plate heat exchanger is in use, there will be liquid leakage in the plate heat exchanger. What causes this?

The reasons for the internal leakage of the plate heat exchanger: ① The plate corrosion caused cracks or perforations due to improper plate selection. ②The operating conditions do not meet the design requirements. ③ The residual stress and clamping size after cold stamping of the plate are too small to cause stress corrosion. ④ There is a slight leakage at the plate leakage groove, causing the harmful substances (Cl) in the medium to concentrate and corrode the plates, forming a string of liquid.

The treatment method of the internal leakage of the plate heat exchanger: ① Replace the cracked or perforated plate, and use the light transmission method to find the plate crack on the spot. ②Adjust the operating parameters to meet the design conditions. ③The clamping size of the heat exchanger should meet the requirements during maintenance and assembly. ④The plate heat exchanger plate materials are reasonably matched.