The Influence Of Material On The Effect Of Plate Heat Exchanger

The plate heat exchanger is made up of many stamped corrugated thin plates at a certain interval, sealed by gaskets and The influence of material on the effect of plate heat exchangerlaminated and compacted by a frame and a compression screw. Plate heat exchangers have counter-current, co-current and mixed-flow types. If you want to improve the heat transfer efficiency of the plate heat exchanger, it is best to determine an inlet and outlet pipe position. The inlet and outlet pipes of the plate heat exchanger arranged in a single process should be arranged on the side of the fixed end plate of the plate heat exchanger. The position should be top-in and bottom-out, and the cold fluid is placed in the bottom and top-out, so as to reduce the retention. The material of the plate has an important influence on the performance, life, applicable working conditions and forming quality of the plate heat exchanger. The quality control of materials mainly includes two aspects.

(1) The chemical composition, mechanical properties and other technical requirements of the material should meet the requirements of the corresponding standards;

(2) According to the material characteristics and applicable scope of the plate heat exchanger, it should be selected correctly and reasonably. The properties of the heat exchange medium, operating conditions, material forming and processing performance, and corrosion resistance should be considered.