The Importance Of Replacement Of Gaskets For Plate Heat Exchangers

When the plate heat exchanger processes beer and draft beer, ice water, ethylene glycol, and brine solution can be used as the cooling liquid. The beer pasteurization process uses a 3-process plate heat exchanger. We will provide you with special The importance of replacement of gaskets for plate heat exchangerscompression plates in the production, heating and cooling sections to ensure that pressure changes caused by temperature will not affect the safe operation of the system. Our end customer is a beer manufacturer. They bought three heat exchangers for the production process and used them for a year, and both heat exchangers showed varying degrees of leakage and decreased heat exchange efficiency. The client found a lot of companies and dismantled them, but the dismantlement failed to solve the problem. We gave our own views based on the photos of the working conditions provided by the customer. (1) Beer contains alcohol, which has a certain dissolving effect on the gasket. (2) Because of long-time work and no timely maintenance, the heat exchanger gasket should be aged and worn. (3) The clamping size is too tight and the heat exchanger gasket is misplaced. Finally, after the customer purchased our matching gaskets according to our method, and replaced them under the guidance of our on-site personnel, everything in the production returned to normal.