The Impact Of Heat Exchanger Vibration

Tubular heat exchanger is the most typical dividing wall heat exchanger. It has a long history of industrial application, and it The impact of heat exchanger vibrationstill occupies a dominant position in all heat exchangers. The tube heat exchanger is mainly composed of shell, tube bundle, tube sheet and head. The shells are mostly circular, with parallel tube bundles inside, and both ends of the tube bundles are fixed on the tube plate. The impact of the oscillation of the heat exchanger is mainly the wear of the pipe and the fatigue cracking of the pipe.

(1) Under the action of large amplitude, the tubes collide with each other and are worn out at the center of the span.

(2) The unsupported tube at the circular notch of the baffle is damaged due to the friction between the vibration and the edge of the plate.

(3) The relative movement and wear of the pipe and the wall of the baffle pipe hole may even "self-saw" break.

(4) The pipe material is fatigued and cracked at the shortcomings.

(5) Metallurgical failure. Oscillation damage of heat exchanger tubes often occurs near the tube sheet and the tube sheet connection interface, the outer edge of the tube at the inlet and outlet of the shell and the second and third rows of tubes from the top of the baffle gap.