The Function Of The Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

The plate heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger made up of a series of metal plates with a certain The function of the plate heat exchanger gasketscorrugated shape. In recent decades, plate heat exchangers have developed rapidly. From ordinary industrial water to high-viscosity liquids, from food liquids and medical materials with high sanitary requirements, plate heat exchangers can be used. The service life of the heat exchanger is closely related to the sealing gasket. What is the function of the plate heat exchanger gasket?

(1) The sealing gasket of plate heat exchanger has good water absorption. Even after soaking in water, it has good electrical resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It has great resistance to various polar chemicals, acids and alkalis.

(2) The sealing gasket of plate heat exchanger has excellent aging resistance and is the best one among the existing general rubber materials. The anti-ozone aging is particularly good, and its weather resistance is good. No cracks were seen after 3 years of exposure to sunlight.

(3) The gasket is a sealing element, which is made of sheet material and is installed between two sealing planes to achieve a better fluid sealing effect and reduce fluid leakage. The quality of the gasket determines the service life of the plate heat exchanger. When choosing a plate heat exchanger, you must check the gasket.