The Fixing And Maintenance Of Seal Gasket Of Plate Heat Exchanger

The fixing of the sealing gasket of the plate heat exchanger is divided into adhesive fixing and non-adhesive fixing. The shape of the gasket should be consistent with the shape of the plate heat exchanger seal. So how to maintain the gasket The Fixing and Maintenance of Seal Gasket of Plate Heat Exchangerof plate heat exchanger?

(1) Non-adhesive seal alignment. Put the sealing ring in place so that the sealing ring enters the sealing groove correctly and is compressed. In the sealing groove, there is a groove-shaped structure with a gradually decreasing cross-section, so that the sealing ring can be positioned correctly.

(2) Adhesive sealing. According to the purpose of use of the gasket and the sealing quality requirements, mixed sealants and non-harmonized sealants from different manufacturers can be used. Before the adhesive pad is bonded, steam flow should be used to thoroughly remove the remaining adhesive and the remaining sealing gasket on the bonding surface. The mixed sealant must be used to burn out the residual adhesive and residual sealing gasket on the joint surface of the plate heat exchanger. When the rubber pads are bonded in large quantities, a liquid nitrogen tank for freezing the gasket pieces should be prepared, and a heating furnace for drying the plate heat exchanger with the gasket should be prepared, and the heating temperature should reach 160°C. If possible, the plate heat exchanger can be chemically cleaned to ensure that the sealing gaskets of the adhesive parts remaining in the bonding surface of the plate heat exchanger are completely removed.

We can find out whether the heat exchanger seals are out of function through the dripping during the cold motion of the plate heat exchanger or the dripping during the shutdown cooling process. The plate heat exchanger has a readjustable function. When there is a small amount of dripping, the heat exchanger sheet group is tightened twice to increase the stress between the gaskets and effectively solve the dripping phenomenon in a short time. The reason why the service life of the rubber gasket has an important influence is the working mode of the heat exchanger, the corrosiveness of the heat dissipation medium and the cleaning agent used, high working temperature and high working pressure.