The Features Of Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger

 A spiral heat exchanger is a heat exchanger in which two spiral channels are formed by two parallel metal coils, and heat and cold fluid exchange heat through the spiral wall. Spiral plate heat exchangers are available in two versions: detachable and non-detachable.What are the characteristics of the spiral plate heat exchanger flow channel?

 (1) The shape of the flow passage is flexible and adapts to various fluids. Due to the great flexibility of the geometry of the flow passage, the spiral plate heat exchanger is appropriately adjusted according to existing conditions and requirements. At the same time, the spiral plate heat exchanger has a relatively long single flow path, which can provide a long enough heat exchange distance for many difficult-to-handle fluids, so that the fluid can be completely processed in one device and avoids sudden turn due to fluid And the resulting blockage problem.

(2) The spiral plate heat exchanger has a concentric flow path and a certain number of fixed-distance columns. The fluid can also generate turbulence when the Reynolds number is low. Through this optimized flow mode, the heat exchange capacity of the fluid is improved and the possibility of particle deposition is reduced.

(3) The flow path is not easy to block. Since the spiral plate heat exchanger adopts a single flow path structure, it is generally the mainstream choice when dealing with easily deposited fluids, viscous fluids and fluids containing particles. This is because the spiral plate heat exchanger itself has a self-cleaning function so that it has been flushed by the fluid before the blockage is completely formed.