The Failure Point Of The Removable Plate Heat Exchanger

  There are removable and non-removable heat exchangers for daily use. When choosing, you must take seriously to choose your own suitable product The failure point of the removable plate heat exchangeraccording to your actual situation. No matter what kind of equipment is selected, certain faults will occur over a long period of time, so we need to master certain troubleshooting techniques before use. How to check the failure point of the removable plate heat exchanger?

(1) The medium leaks between the metal plate and the fixed plate.

Mark the place where the leak occurred, then open the heat exchanger to check the gasket and connection on the last metal plate to see if there is misalignment, chores, cracks. Check whether there is uneven force on the movable cover of the heat exchanger or that there are debris on the plate, which may damage the connection between the gasket and the adjacent surface. Check whether there are cracks or holes in the metal plate.

(2) For the purpose of mechanical cleaning, the detachable spiral channel is open at one end and sealed with a flat cover and gasket to prevent fluid from leaking into the atmosphere or shorting fluid in the same channel. In order to improve the pressure bearing capacity of the spiral plate, a distance pillar is used between the plates. The fluid inlet and outlet on the cylinder have a normal connection and a tangential connection. Tangential connection is commonly used in China. Its fluid resistance is small and impurities are easily washed out.