The Factors Affecting The Performance Of Plate Heat Exchangers

The plate heat exchanger has a high heat exchange efficiency in operation, but in actual applications, due to the influence of certain factors, its performance may decrease. There are two main reasons that determine the efficient operation The factors affecting the performance of plate heat exchangersperformance of the plate heat exchanger.

(1) The reason for the plate heat exchanger. Many users only provide the heat transfer area when purchasing a plate heat exchanger. They do not have specific data on heat transfer, medium flow, and inlet and outlet temperature. As a result, the purchased plate heat exchanger has the correct model and area, but the process combination unreasonable. Therefore, the plate heat exchanger cannot achieve the expected effect, and it is useless to increase the area on this basis.

(2) Heat exchanger system configuration. The plate heat exchanger only plays the role of heat conversion and follows the law of constant energy conduction, that is, the heat released by the heat test and the heat absorbed by the rain cold test. In many cases, the heat from the heating system on the hot side does not have enough cooling water on the cold side to take away. If the amount of water is not enough and the water temperature is not enough, the temperature of the hot side will not come down. If it is for this reason, no matter how big the heat exchanger is It's useless. We know the factors that affect the performance of the plate heat exchanger, and we can focus on the above two aspects in the future maintenance and repair work.