The Characteristics Of Plate Heat Exchanger Unit

  The plate heat exchanger is a detachable heat exchange device composed of a plurality of heat transfer plates passing through a rubber pad and The characteristics of plate heat exchanger unitcompacted according to design intervals. The plate heat exchanger unit is an integral heat exchange device consisting of a plate heat exchanger, a water pump, a frequency converter, a filter, a valve, a control cabinet, a meter and an automatic control system. The plate heat exchanger unit has the following characteristics

(1) The plate heat exchanger unit has high space utilization rate and human culture design, which is used for maintenance and saves floor space.

(2) The user is convenient to install. The user only needs to do a total of five flange interfaces for the secondary network return and hydration, and then the main power supply to the unit's electric control cabinet can operate normally.

(3) Modular design can better adapt to the special working conditions of users. The combination of primary network and secondary network quality adjustment and volume adjustment, the industrialized segmented design largely meets the requirements of users.

(4) The organic combination of various high-performance accessories. The plate heat exchanger unit carefully selected the unit components, so that the unit has superior product performance and price ratio, so that maintenance-free and long service life.