The Causes Of Blockage Of Plate Heat Exchangers

As a high-efficiency heat exchanger, the plate heat exchanger has been widely used in various fields. Due to its light weight, small footprint, low investment, high heat exchange efficiency, flexible assembly, and easy scale removal, it is subject to The causes of blockage of plate heat exchangersFavored by the public. However, the cross-section of the plate heat exchanger is small, and it is prone to scaling and clogging. As a result, the efficiency of the heat exchanger is reduced and the heating effect is affected. What is the cause of the blockage of the plate heat exchanger?

(1) Circulation water fouling causes blockage. Because the carbonate in the water is heated, it forms magnesium hydroxide and other substances, which adhere to the heated surface of the heat exchanger and cause poor water circulation on the heated surface. And because the suspended matter is deposited on the surface of the heat exchanger, the secondary scale will greatly reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger

(2) Impurities enter the pipe network and cause blockage. It is usually caused by some operations during the construction process.

(3) The inner wall of the pipeline rusts and causes blockage. The heat exchanger causes the rate of rust formation to increase during shutdown, so cleaning during shutdown is very important.