The Application Industry Of Titanium Plate Cooler

  Titanium plate heat exchanger is the ideal equipment for liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor heat exchange. Titanium plates are mainly suitable for seawater, The application industry of titanium plate coolerbrine, and salt.The desalination equipment material titanium has strong corrosion resistance to chlorine.With the rapid development of petrochemical, electric power and other industries in the coastal areas, the application of seawater instead of fresh water as an industrial cooling medium can save a lot of freshwater resources and obtain significant economic and social benefits. Application industry of titanium plate cooler:

(1) Power industry: high oil cooling, closed circulating water cooling.

(2) Food and beverage: fruit juice sterilization cooling, animal and vegetable oil cooling.

(3) Papermaking industry: waste heat recovery and sewage treatment of papermaking cooking.

(4) Mechanical manufacturing: heating or cooling of hydraulic equipment and compressors.

(5) Chemical industry: heating or cooling, desulfurization process in the production of nitrogen and alkali.

(6) Metallurgical industry: cooling of electrolyte, alumina process, heat energy utilization.

(7) Biofuel: alcohol fermentation.