The Advantages Of Plate Heat Exchanger Plates

Plate heat exchanger plate is the most important part of all parts of plate heat exchanger, its strength and safety requirements are very high. If the plate of the plate heat exchanger fails, the life of the plate heat exchanger equipment will be shortened. The advantages of our company's The advantages of plate heat exchanger platesplate heat exchanger plates are as follows.

(1) Fine pressing of heat exchanger plates

The plates of many manufacturers are fixed models, which are pressed on the original basis to adapt to the workmanship required. Our company has 2000t, 4000t and 20000t presses in the pressing process. We tailor plates for non-standard plates of different types of plate heat exchangers. During the production process, we strictly check to ensure that the pressing process meets customer needs.

(2) Plate rigidity of plate heat exchanger

The pressure capacity of ordinary plates is generally between 1.0Mpa-1.5Mpa. Our plate heat exchanger plates adopt plates of different materials according to the working conditions. The molecular density of plates is 1.5 times the normal density of other manufacturers. The adaptable pressure range can reach 2.5MPa. The rigidity of the plate is 2 times stronger than the normal plate.

(3) Long service life of heat exchanger plates

Most of the quality of plates on the market cannot be guaranteed because there is no clear standard for the quality of plates. Many users often encounter the plate rushing out and leaking during operation, which cannot meet the normal process requirements. We have increased the compressive resistance and toughness of the plates, which can better adapt to the working conditions, reduce their own wear and tear, and increase the life of the plates.

(4) Wide adaptability of heat transfer plates

We increase the corrosion resistance and turbulence of the plate, which can better resist high corrosive media, and the plate has obvious lines, strong turbulence, and it is not easy to produce scale and impurities. And it can be applied to explosive and flammable fields, and has many applications in the chemical and daily heating industries.