Temperature Control Process Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

The temperature control process of the shell and tube heat exchanger has the following characteristics. The temperature control device of the heat 14-Temperature control process of shell and tube heat exchangerexchanger includes temperature transmitter, regulator, actuator and controlled object.After the adjustment data passes the component test, the temperature transmitter performs a conversion job to obtain the test signal, and the difference between the obtained value and the standard value is input to the regulator, and then the adjustment device performs the calculation on the obtained difference and then outputs the control. .Workflow of temperature control facility for shell and tube heat exchangers. The cold medium and the hot medium do not go through a channel but flow into the shell side and the tube side of the heat exchanger respectively. After heat exchange, the water temperature increases when the cold medium is discharged. The cold medium flows into the shell side of the heat exchange equipment through the circulation pump, and the temperature is maintained within the standard value when it is discharged. The heat medium flows into the tube side of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger through a multi-stage pump, exchanges heat with the cold medium, and then flows into the reservoir to wait for the next use. It can be known from the control requirements that the temperature control device of the shell and tube heat exchanger is a fixed value operation. PID control is generally used.