Sudden Shutdown Of Plate Heat Exchangers

  Plate heat exchanger is a kind of high-efficiency heat exchanger made of a series of metal plates with a certain corrugated shape. The four corner Sudden shutdown of plate heat exchangersholes on the board are used for both hot and cold media to pass through. When the heat exchanger is assembled, the A plates and B plates are alternately arranged to form a mesh channel. The sealing gasket seals the hot and cold media in the heat exchanger, and separates the hot and cold media reasonably without mixing. Hot and cold fluid inside the channel to counter-current or co-current as required. During the flow process, the hot and cold fluids exchange heat through the plate wall to achieve the desired effect. What problems should the plate heat exchanger pay attention to if it suddenly stops?

(1) The power of the plate heat exchanger must be cut off before shutdown.

(2) If a vent valve is installed on the pipeline, it should be opened

(3) When shutting down, close the hot medium inlet valve slowly and then close the cold medium inlet valve. Finally close the outlet valve of both media

(4) For high temperature media and corrosive media, the equipment should be vented as far as possible to avoid scalding and corrosive equipment when the equipment is opened.

The precautions for the sudden shutdown of the plate heat exchanger must be known in life. Be careful when using it, so as to avoid unnecessary harm.