Steam Loss And Hazard In Steam Water Heat Exchangers

  Plate heat exchanger is an ideal equipment for liquid-liquid, liquid-vapor heat exchange. Steam centralized heating is widely used, and steam steam Steam Loss and Hazard in Steam Water Heat Exchangerswater heat exchangers have been widely used.When the steam steam-water heat exchanger has a low load and a high back pressure, the opening of the automatic temperature control valve is low, which causes the pressure in the heat exchanger to be too small or to reach a vacuum state, and the condensate cannot be returned to the condensate tank. There is stagnant water inside and this condition is called loss of flow. It will cause heat exchanger water machine and vibration, affect the heat exchanger efficiency and product life. What are the hazards of steam loss?

(1) The efficiency of the heat exchanger is reduced, and the heat output is reduced.

(2) The vibration of the steam temperature control valve reduces the service life of the control valve.

(3) Affects the constant temperature of water.

(4) The heat exchanger is prone to water hammer and corrosion, which affects the life.

(5) The heat exchanger, valves and pipes will be deformed and damaged..