Starting Condition Of The Plate Heat Exchanger

  The working principle of the plate heat exchanger is that two different media (cold/hot) realize heat transfer through the corresponding material plates, Starting condition of the plate heat exchanger and flow through two different channels of A B to realize the process of cooling medium heating or heat medium cooling. What are the starting conditions for the plate heat exchanger?

(1) Steam - Water exchange system: Before the steam-water exchange equipment is started, the secondary pipe network system should be filled with water. After the circulating water pump is started, open the steam valve to exchange steam and water.

(2) According to the specific operational rules established by different systems. The heat exchanger should be operated in strict accordance with the instructions to avoid damage caused by one-way compression or over-inspection.

(3) Domestic water system: start the domestic water circulation pump, put the first-stage pipe network into the heat exchanger, control the first-stage pipe network water supply valve, and adjust the domestic water temperature.

(4) Softened water system: start the indirect inlet tank outlet valve. After the softened water system is filled with water, prepare soft water and start the supplementary water pump to supplement the secondary pipe network.

(5) Water and water exchange system: After the flushing is completed, adjust the constant pressure parameters, put in the heat exchange equipment, and start the secondary water pump.