Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger

    The SONDEX plate heat exchangers use the same side flow, because the drainage zone design is adopted at the inlet and outlet of the plate, that is, the groove design of the chocolate island region at the exit of the corner hole. The ordinary linear guiding groove only distributes the distribution of the fluid on one side, and the chocolate island groove design balances the difference of the flow resistance on each flow channel, so that the fluids on both sides are relatively uniform between the plates. It allows the fluid to be evenly distributed between the plates even a wide plate, which fundamentally improves the conventional ipsilateral flow plate heat exchanger.The difference in fluid distribution between the plates and the flow dead angle causes the difference in temperature distribution along the path, which brings about the adverse effect of the decrease in heat transfer efficiency. In addition, this part of the diversion zone also participates in heat transfer at the same time, improving the SONDEX plate heat exchanger margin.