Selection Of Glue For Sealing Gasket Of Plate Heat Exchanger

The plate heat exchanger is a detachable heat exchange device composed of many corrugated heat transfer plates, which Selection of Glue for Sealing Gasket of Plate Heat Exchangerare compressed by rubber gaskets at certain intervals. The plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of plate heat exchanger sealing gasket, heat exchanger plates and frame. The rubber pad of the heat exchanger is a consumable item, and it is often cleaned and replaced. Due to the different specifications of each manufacturer, the installation method of the heat exchanger rubber pad is different. At present, there are mainly hanging pads, adhesive pads and snaps on the market. So how to choose the right glue when gluing the heat exchanger pads?

(1) In conventional working conditions, the commonly used glue is 801 glue, which has a good fixing effect on the bonding plate and the rubber pad, but the disadvantage is that it is pungent.

(2) Working conditions where the pressure and temperature are not very high. Considering the cost, we can choose silicone sealant glue.

(3) The best choice is 3M-4799 glue. This is a black soft glue that will not solidify when the heat exchanger gasket is stuck. It is especially suitable for high temperature, high pressure, and high corrosive conditions, but the relative cost will be higher. No matter which glue you choose, you must choose glue that does not contain chloride ions to avoid corrosion to the heat exchanger plates.