Replacement Steps Of Plate Heat Exchanger Seals

The seal is a very important part of the plate heat exchanger. Its main function is to achieve a seal between the various Replacement steps of plate heat exchanger sealsplates. The seal is a very easily damaged component, which is prone to aging under natural conditions. What are the steps to replace the seals of the plate heat exchanger?

(1) Inspection and testing of reuse performance. In the case of suspected corrosion, check the wall thickness of the heat exchanger and pipes.

(2) Remove aging seals. According to the different dirt, the acid-alkali cleaning tank is used for chemical cleaning, and the surface of the cleaned parts will not be corroded by chemical media (such as gasoline).

(3) After chemical cleaning, use a high-pressure blowing device to remove the chemical medium remaining on the surface of the plate heat exchanger.

(4) Coat the heat exchanger plates with a fluorescent test agent, check for small cracks and corrosion holes under ultraviolet light, and clean them again. It is also important to check the condition of the sealing groove, and trim if necessary.

(5) Inspect the bonding position and bonding quality of each plate heat sink, classify according to the installation order, and then carefully assemble the plate heat sink group.