Replace The Gasket Of The Plate Heat Exchanger

 The hardening of the plate heat exchanger's elastic seal is independent of pressure and temperature. When the seal is elastic, the plate heat Replace the gasket of the plate heat exchangerexchanger will leak. In order to deal with the leakage caused by the aging of the gasket, it is allowed to stop the scheduling of the sealing function for the heat exchanger. The bolts of the combined plate heat exchanger can be tightened again to deal with the dripping results. As the application field of plate heat exchangers is constantly expanding, there are different requirements for temperature, pressure and corrosion resistance for different media and processes. If the gasket of the plate heat exchanger is leaked, broken or aged during use, it should be replaced in time. So how to replace the gasket of the plate heat exchanger?

(1) Remove the waste gasket. Do not leave scratches in the gasket groove during disassembly.

(2) Use acetone, methyl ethyl ketone or other ketone solvents to remove the residual glue in the gasket groove.

(3) Clean the gasket groove and gasket with a clean cloth or cotton yarn.

(4) Apply the adhesive evenly in the gasket groove.

(5) Attach a clean new gasket to the board.

(6) The plate with the gasket attached should be placed in a flat, cool, ventilated place and allowed to dry naturally before installation.