Reduce The Resistance Drop Of The Plate Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchanger made up of a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape. Reduce the resistance drop of the plate heat exchangerPlate heat exchangers are ideal equipment for liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor heat exchange. It has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, low heat loss, compact and lightweight structure, small footprint, wide application and long service life. The plate heat exchanger will have excessive resistance during use, so how can the resistance of the plate heat exchanger be reduced?

(1) Using thermal mixing plates. The use of a thermal mixing plate can reduce the plate area than a symmetrical single-process equipment.

(2) Use asymmetrical equipment. It forms a device with equal cross-sectional areas of cold and hot runners.

(3) Multi-process combination is adopted. Multi-process combination arrangement can be used when the flow of cold and heat medium is large.

(4) Set up equipment bypass pipe. A bypass pipe can be installed between the inlet and outlet of the equipment on the side of the large flow rate, when the flow rate of the cold and hot medium is relatively large.

(5) Selection of the form of plate heat exchange equipment. The resistance should be no more than 100kPa. According to the flow ratio of different cold and hot media, the average flow velocity of the media in the flow channel between the equipment plates is 0. 30. 6ms is appropriate.