Problems Easily Caused By Plate Heat Exchangers

  When the stainless steel metal plates of the plate heat exchanger are inserted and assembled, they adopt an inverted mode. This can form a mesh Problems easily caused by plate heat exchangerscontact, so that the fluid in the channel becomes a mesh fluid.The flow of fluid from one end to the other end is considered to be a one-way circulation circuit, or a diagonal flow is formed in the opposite direction to achieve the purpose of heat transfer. What problems do plate heat exchangers easily cause?

(1) Blocking problem

When the heat exchanger is working, the existing pressure loss increases, and the front and rear pressure parameters exceed 0.1MP, which may indicate that the heat exchanger may be clogged. At this time, it is necessary to perform shutdown cleaning and remove debris.

(2) The gas in the heat exchanger is not exhausted

When the installation is completed for the first time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is a large amount of air in the interior. This is to check the exhaust system and perform the official operation after exhausting the air.

(3) There is a problem with the water quality in the system, which causes fouling inside the heat exchanger

In the face of this situation, the first method is to shut down the machine and disassemble it for cleaning. The other is chemical cleaning.

(4) Leakage of heat exchanger

If the heat exchanger leaks, the pressure at the inlet and outlet is the same. This shows that water is flowing inside the heat exchanger. Internal leaks require timely replacement of the plates, and external leaks require replacement of the gaskets.