Precautions For The Installation Of Tube Coolers

  The tube-type cooler is composed of two oil coolers and three-way valve devices of the same area, one working and one standby. Each cooler can What are the precautions for installing a tube coolerbear the cooling load of the entire system. One end of the tube sheet is fixed, and the other end is floating. The removed tube bundle and water tank cover are easy to clean, inspect and repair during operation. There are many choices for the material of the cooler according to the place of use and the conditions of the water system. What are the precautions for installing a tube cooler?

(1) The piping diameter should be matched with the mouth, and cannot be reduced.

(2) Use straight heads whenever possible, bend steel pipes or use high-pressure hoses to reduce oil return resistance.

(3) The smaller the bending angle, the less the number of bending times is the principle

(4) In order to protect the tubular cooler from rupture, it is installed on the oil return circuit. A bypass valve circuit must be installed, and the one-way and parallel tube cooler are connected in parallel to ensure that the unloading valve can be preferentially opened for unloading when the pressure is too high or a hydraulic shock occurs.

(5) Install the tube cooler in a well-ventilated place.

(6) Dust and debris need to be removed regularly at the net cover of the front air inlet of the air cooling fan and the air outlet of the heat sink outside the radiator.

(7) At least the front air inlet and rear air outlet of the tube-type cooler should be reserved at least about the radius of the fan to facilitate air convection.