Precautions For Start-up Of Plate Heat Exchanger

The stainless steel metal plates of the plate heat exchanger adopt a mutually inverted mode during installation and Precautions for start-up of plate heat exchangerassembly, so that a mesh contact can be formed so that the fluid in the channel becomes a mesh fluid. After the user purchases the plate heat exchanger, he will not use it in accordance with the operating procedures, which leads to various problems with the plate heat exchanger. What matters should be paid attention to when using plate heat exchanger?

(1) When using on a new process pipeline, remove the debris in the pipeline to avoid blocking the plate heat exchanger.

(2) If sewage is used as a cooling medium or the waste heat of sewage is recovered, a filter or decontamination device should be installed at the inlet of the plate heat exchanger to avoid clogging the plate heat exchanger.

(3) When the temperature of the cooling water (heated) exceeds 40℃, it should be softened first to avoid fouling of the plate heat exchanger and affect the heat transfer effect.

(4) Please check whether the pipeline connection is correct, to avoid mixing of the two media, causing adverse consequences.

(5) Strictly check whether the inlet valves of the cold and heat medium are closed and the outlet valves are open before starting the heat exchanger.

(6) Start the pumps for cold and hot media when driving, slowly open the inlet valve for cold media, and then open the inlet valve for heat media to make the media flow into the plate heat exchanger slowly to avoid excessive temperature.

(7) Check all sealing surfaces and all welds of the plate heat exchanger for abnormal phenomena such as leakage.