Precautions For Cleaning Plate Heat Exchangers

  Plate heat exchangers are used in various industries due to their compact structure and high heat exchange efficiency. With the increasing application Precautions for cleaning plate heat exchangersof plate heat exchangers, cleaning and maintenance of plate heat exchangers has become a problem that users must pay attention to. The precautions for cleaning the plate heat exchanger are as follows.

(1) When cleaning the plate heat exchanger, it is strictly forbidden to use hydrochloric acid. The plate heat exchanger should be regularly repaired. The thermal efficiency is significantly reduced, and cleaning should be performed when the pressure drop significantly changes.

(2) The equipment can be opened for cleaning, and the plates should be washed one by one. If the scale is serious, the plates should be removed and laid flat and cleaned.

(3) If chemical cleaner is used, it can be circulated inside the equipment. If there is mechanical cleaning, use a soft brush. It is forbidden to use a steel brush to avoid scratching the plate.

(4) After the equipment is washed, it must be wiped dry with a clean cloth. No foreign particles and fibers such as fibers are allowed between the plates and rubber pads.

(5) After cleaning the plates, carefully check the plates and films. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in a timely manner.

(6) During the cleaning process, the rubber pads and degumming pads to be replaced should be firmly adhered. Before assembly, carefully check whether they are uniform and wipe away excess adhesive.