Plate Type Heat Exchanger Selection

 The plate-type heat exchanger suspension structure consists of corrugated plate, sealing pad, fixed pressing plate, intermediate plate, movable Plate type heat exchanger selectionpressing plate, bracket, upper and lower positioning guide rods, compression bolts and other main parts. Each plate heat exchanger has a suitable working condition, which should be selected first in engineering design.

(1) If the temperature is above 200 °C and the pressure is greater than 2 MPa, the brazed heat exchanger can be selected. If the total area is large, the full-welded heat exchanger can also be selected;

(2) When the temperature is greater than 300 ° C and the pressure is greater than 3.5 MPa, the plate-and-shell heat exchanger should be selected;

(3) For working conditions with small temperature difference at the end, shallow groove corrugation may be used; for more frequent disassembly, a detachable heat exchanger may be used;

(4) For large flow differences, an asymmetric heat exchanger may be used.