Plate Type Heat Exchanger Price

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Price

There are three misunderstanding in the plate Type heat exchanger price.

Misunderstanding 1:Only compare heat exchange area

Many users only provide heat exchange area to the inquiry when inquiring. In fact, regardless of the type of heat exchanger, the same heat exchange area, different models, different structural compositions, different material specifications, different process combinations Their prices are not comparable, and there is a big gap in the performance of the work performed.

Misunderstanding 2:Only buy the cheapest manufacturers

Many customers think that the same requirements are given to suppliers for inquiry. It should be the same thing. Which one is cheaper to buy is a wrong. It is good at comprehensive comparison, technical power, manufacturing capability, corporate reputation, after-sales service should refer to, otherwise the loss is greater, and it is easy to draw some wrong conclusions.

Misunderstanding 3: Holding a manufacturer's selection form inquiry

Different manufacturers, due to their own processing capabilities, practical application experience, recommendation habits and other factors, they do not understand the user's certain use requirements and process conditions completely, design selection will appear biased. If the customer holds such a selection form inquiry will inevitably affect the quality of procurement, the best way is to provide the process conditions only, and each manufacturer needs to design and select according to this.