Plate Type Heat Exchanger Pressure Drop

The plate heat exchanger consistes of pack of corrugated plates with portholes for the passage of the two fluids between which heat trasnfer will take Plate type heat exchanger pressure dropplace.What is the cause of the excessive pressure drop in the plate heat exchanger?

(1) The running system pipeline is not properly purged, especially in the new installation system pipeline, many dirt (such as welding slag) enters the interior of the plate heat exchanger. Due to the narrow cross-sectional area of the plate heat exchanger, Precipitates and suspended solids in the heat exchanger accumulate at the corner holes and in the flow guiding zone, resulting in a large reduction in the flow passage area at this point, causing a major loss of pressure at this location.

(2) When the plate heat exchanger is first selected, the area is too small, causing the flow velocity between the plates to be too high and the pressure drop to be large.

(3) After the plate heat exchanger is operated for a period of time, the pressure drop is too large due to scaling on the surface of the plate