Plate Type Heat Exchanger Internal Leak

  If the plate type heat exchanger is internal leak, it is mainly because there is pressure inequality on both sides of the medium, so that the higher Plate type heat exchanger internal leakpressure will flow into the medium with the lower pressure side.The temperature and pressure abnormalities will be displayed in the system of the equipment. If the medium is corrosive, it will cause corrosion of the equipment. What is the cause internal leak in the heat exchanger?

(1) If the selection is not appropriate when selecting the phe plates, the heat exchanger plates may be corroded and cracked or perforated.

(2) The residual stress occurring after cold stamping of the heat transfer plate, and the problem that the size occurring during the sheet device is too small, resulting in stress corrosion.

(3) There are some unreasonable operations in the actual work, or the working environment does not meet the design requirements.

(4) There is some leakage in the leakage slot of the plate, so if there are some harmful substances in the fluid, such as Cl, it will cause concentrated corrosion on the plate, which will lead to the generation of the liquid.