Plate Type Heat Exchanger Installation

  The plate heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger that is assembled from a series of metal sheets with wavy patterns. Special attention should Plate Type Heat Exchanger Installationbe paid to the installation of plate heat exchangers:

(1) After the unpacking of machinery and equipment, the inspection shall be carried out one by one according to the packing list. If it is not in conformity with the supplier, it shall be dealt with it immediately.

(2) The design scheme on the machine equipment has lifting holes for lifting application, and the galvanized steel wire rope is selected according to the quality indicated on the factory nameplate before lifting.

(3) Machine equipment should be placed horizontally. To be placed in areas where there are no pipes or other equipment blocking. The machine is equipped with a 1-meter-long actual operating indoor space for easy maintenance.

(4) If the working pressure of the pump outlet exceeds the working pressure of the machine, a pressure regulating valve should be installed in the piping of the imported machine equipment.

(5) The inlet and outlet pipelines of the machinery and equipment should be cleaned before installation to prevent sand, oil and dirt from entering the machinery and equipment, so as to prevent internal blockage or damage to the plates.