Plate Type Heat Exchanger Cleaning

  Clearing of the pipe before installation of the plate heat exchanger.Because of the long-term operation of the plate heat exchanger, the surface of the heat transfer plate will produce different degrees of dirt or deposits, thereby increasing the flow plate frame heat exchanger cleaningresistance and reducing the heat transfer performance. These are mainly the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet pressure gauges and the temperature of the cold medium outlet reduced. so it need check it for cleaning.

(1) The inspection site should be reserved around the location where the plate heat exchanger is installed.

(2) Before installation, the pipeline connected to it should be cleaned to prevent sand, oil, welding slag and other debris from entering the plate heat exchanger, causing obstruction of the flow channel or damage to the plate. The plate heat exchanger has a small footprint and light weight. Except for the volume of the device itself, no additional inspection and installation space is required, and the thickness of the plate used for heat exchange is 0.6-0.8 mm. When shutting down, first close the high-pressure side medium solenoid valve, and then close the low-pressure side medium solenoid valve. In the environmental protection and energy saving today, plate heat exchangers have been widely used in the field of heat exchange, and it can be used for heating and cooling in different processes, and also have economic benefits in terms of energy recovery.