Plate Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger In Refrigeration Industry

  Plate type stainless steel heat exchanger is an efficient and compact heat exchange equipment. It was first developed as a continuous low temperature Plate stainless steel heat exchanger in refrigeration industrysterilizer in the 1880s, and it was applied to the food industry in the 1920s. Because the plate heat exchanger has some unique features in manufacturing and use. Therefore, the plate heat exchanger has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, energy and other industrial fields.In refrigeration technology, heat exchangers are indispensable refrigeration equipment. Heat exchangers such as condensers, evaporators, regenerators and intercoolers, not only account for 50% of the entire refrigeration unit in terms of weight, volume and metal consumption. The above will also have a significant impact on refrigeration performance.Therefore, strengthening the heat transfer of the refrigeration heat exchanger, reducing weight and volume, and reducing metal consumption have always been the development direction of refrigeration technology. A new type of fully welded plate heat exchanger has emerged in refrigeration technology.Compared with the shell-side tube heat exchanger for refrigeration, the plate heat exchanger for refrigeration also has the following characteristics. (1) The refrigerant charge is small, which is conducive to environmental protection and reducing operating costs. (2) Less freezing tendency and high anti-freezing performance. (3) Complete evaporation and high economy.