Plate Heat Exchangers Use In Swimming Pools

  Plate heat exchangers are widely used and used in various industries, but can you imagine that plate heat exchangers are also used in swimming Plate heat exchangers use in swimming poolspools? It is important to know that the performance of the equipment is mainly achieved by power supply.

(1) With the increasing demands of the environment, the use of plate heat exchangers has replaced the widespread use of boilers in heated swimming pools.

(2) Because the chloride ion and free carbon ion in the water have certain corrosiveness, the presence of dissolved oxygen ions greatly enhances the corrosion damage of the metal pipe. When selecting the heat exchanger, it is necessary to choose anti-corrosion heat exchanger.

(3) In the plate heat exchanger, some water sources have higher mineralization degree and corrosiveness to metals. If they enter the system directly, the corrosion effect will greatly reduce the service life of the unit.Usually, the heat exchange method in the middle of the plate heat exchanger is adopted to isolate the water source water from the unit system, so that the unit system is less exposed to the water source water and reduces the corrosiveness.

In the swimming pool, the plate heat exchanger can play the role of heating and heat preservation. The swimming pool can not be used without it because it can maintain heat and reduce heat loss.